Your Neighborhood- your home where you belong Mt Tabor

Morrison and se 69th

Your Neighborhood-your home where you belong Mt Tabor

where your heartstrings lead you home mt tabor

On the banks of a local extinct volcano  Signs of heartstrings lead to Everywhere.  Where would you choose? Your own birthplace or your very favorite place on the planet?

During the past 6 years Joe has instilled a sense of inclusion in his local community.  Seeds of humanity planted in the middle of a neighborhood garden. A Local Joe has Invited neighbors to add a unique directional sign to several prominent signposts in the middle of the community garden.

Every couple of months a new directional goes up pointing to a place or a local you feel is most like your real home.

where your heartstrings lead you home mt tabor

Locals calls this the friendliest spot in the city where everyone looks out for everyone else. Find your vintage home in Mt Tabor.

where your heartstrings lead you home mt tabor

4973 miles to the east,  Lynn most treasures Valby Denmark.

Sandra and Raymond seek to return 7110 miles to Luang Prbangloas

Glenns heart if 5143 miles to the east to the city of romance/ Paris

where your heartstrings lead to back to mt tabor


Me and Krisina  head to the island of bali  8410 miles to the west.

Jackson is probably a boater wishing to be on popular Cultas lake in the Cascades

where your heartstrings lead you back to mt tabor


Maybe Erin has a history  in the peace corps yearns to return to Nairobi kenya .

Turku finland  4972 miles maybe home to  joonathan .

Chepe  remembers huehuetenango guatemala 2980

Chris, Allen Jim and Ruth love the blue skys of  Thens ,Greece 60000

12 year old Erin  breathes for the salt sea air of victoria bc 204 mile due north.

Jo  leaves his or her  duckling heart on the field on Autzen Field 110 miles to the south.

Cape of good hope s for dave tor return 10,688 miles.

What inner light shine for Suzanne in Mulshi india   7900 miles.

What memories emerge for Olivia at Box hill England  4962 ?

Steve the mtn climber left his heart on top of  Annapurna Nepal  7520 miles.

Good on the Good  Joe of 69th and Morrison!

Find Your Vintage Home in Mt Tabor

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