Discover the Soul of Portland Home to the Heroic Montavilla Village

Discover  the heart of Montavilla  Village Portland Oregon  where the humanity of all affirmed and  ideologies roundly condemned.

Far in the past 2006 or so , folks have passionately discussed what special sauce  Hobie and Pete of he Bipartisan Café  put into their Coconut Maretto Cream and 46 variety of pies.  Some shout out from the previous century that pies are the food of the heroic!haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan


Portland style heroic could be a rather grim task to describe. However,  Pete and Hobie attract heroic 20th century partisans to meet for pie and wifi.


Under 14′ Ceilings of antique pine , chained to laptops, and  iphones  students and locals  are transfixed by their deep dish  Banana Creams, pumpkin oranges, Chocolate Butterscotches, Sour Cream Apples, Peaches and Cream s and  40 other pie  varieties enjoying grandma’s ultimate health food  and  good conversation.

An eclectic mix of partisans and I bet non partisans  commune with their computers  and wireless instruments no doubt profoundly inspired  by a fantastic mix of framed portraits  Millard Filmore, James K Polk, someone who looks a lot like Chester Arthur,  or his cousin Rutherford B Hayes,  Harrison,  and the best looking of the presidents Dwight Eisenhower,  Gene McCarthy, Kennedy and Johnson, Geronimo, Hunkapapa and Chief Joseph.  A huge copy of the Declaration of Independence rests beside various proclamations and curled campaign posters covering  the massive 1912 Anspach buildings vintage walls.  




haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan



The front windows are plastered with choice posts about Climate Change, Socialist Change, New Jim Crow to Occupy events .haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan







haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan


Live music on Friday nites with no cover.7 p.m., FREE

Friday, Apr. 13

Macrae Sisters

Old Time Music

The Macrae Sisters are fiddlers Sophie Vitells and Marian Macrae Herrmann, Gabrielle Macrae on banjo, Joanna Macrae on guitar, and Jamie Herrmann on bass fiddle.

Friday, Apr. 20

James Low

Country Infected


Friday, Apr. 27haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan music

Emily Stebbins

Fiddle Tunes


Montavilla Neighborhood Associationharis wolfgang montavilla bipartisan hero's

We, the people of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association, believe that no person should be discriminated against due to their religious, political, or historical beliefs and that all people should be treated equally without regard to race, age, sex, handicaps or national origin. Therefore, we the people of our neighborhood, wish to reaffirm the common humanity of all people. Furthermore, we condemn all ideologies whether political or social, that preach hatred against any person or persons, or attempts to limit or remove any personal freedoms including freedom of choice, freedom of expressions, or freedom of speech.

We urge every resident in the Montavilla Neighborhood to join with businesses, schools, and churches in affirming this declaration of unity.


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