Serving Through Dignity Those Who Do Not Own a Safe Living Space

Serving with Dignity those do not own a safe living space.

 Sisters of the Road Café- Portland Oregon   sisters frontAt long last i  had the chance to fill a two hr work shift at Sisters last week. The shift was preceded by a 2hr Intro session the week before listening in with a diverse 6th grade class of  12 yr olds.  Lindsey the able volunteer coordinator shared  the rich history and vision that Sisters creates their unique community, nourishing and  serving their stakeholders, the volunteers and the staff.

Since 1979, Sisters has operated in the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood. At that time,  the Cafe was anonymously christened when a circle containing three Xs – the hobo symbol for good food and hospitality – was chalked on the pavement outside the restaurant door. This symbol became Sisters’ logo.sisters xxx

Sisters’ customers, volunteers and staff have been creating community for more than three decades by building long term, stable and mutually supportive relationships. Creating a safe, hospitable space which offers delicious, nourishing food are our priorities in the Cafe. From the Sisters website. Go to

sisters food For many years I have been truly blessed to serve on a number of non-profit boards serving less fortunate  sisters and brothers around the world.  Working intimately on boards with lovely folks is truly a transformational experience by discovering our own God given natural talents and abilities.  Yet the 18 yrs working on organizational process left a silent yearning within me to  rub shoulders with the stakeholders I have served long distance.   For this spoiled privileged American Suburbanite there was some fear of facing myself in the mirror of the eyes of the not so invisible less fortunate  in our city.

sisters dinersMy life experience has never reached the true bottomless depths of not knowing where you are going to sleep, eat or have the hope of human touch and belonging.   So my first job I was assigned to at the Café was perfect.

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