A Home With Dignity Having The Right to Dream

Part two

 Maintaining Dignity when you don’t have ownership of  your own bathroom that  often ‘taken for granted’ amenity becomes a  luxury. SISTERS OUT OF DOORWAYS Sisters provides a home for clean safe facilities. The volunteer chosen to monitor their laboratories one Thursday afternoon was I.  My past experience a few decades ago as a patrol monitor in a NY City elementary school never offered the lessons of service with the deepest kind of humility needed to humbly maintain the flow of the use of these truly essential amenities.

 I felt fortunate to be suddenly switched to another job requiring  no less humbling energy. SISTERS RIGHT TO DREAMHowever, it was a  job I was much more familiar with – searching out  small  plastic numbers hidden amongst coats and enormous piles of belongings on tables and counters where our hungry customers awaited .

 Plating and serving  nutritious food with the amazing  Sisters team-  the trustworthy staff  and regular and part time volunteers was like working as one . Feeling  like we were perfectly integrated. A home encircled embraced by the  flow of humanity. 

My  well intentioned waiter mannerisms  didn’t exactly fit with folks who didn’t meet my eyes or often acknowledge my presence.  Kindness met an unexpected response of  extreme fragility. Sharing the same light and warmth  but living on different planets. SISTERS NON VIOLENCE

 During my first tearful introduction to Sisters  I was very curious what the meaning of and how Sisters stressed the values of  non violence, social justice and a home with dignity.

 This is the real story of the Sisters Community. 

Learning appropriate ways to care and hold the space to  comfortably be inside of one own skin. Learning to how to offer dignity unconditionally.

You people are like my family. I come here when I need time to be strong. Thank you.” – a Sisters Customer

 NEXT UPProceeding to order and Vouchers.

SISTERS cafe-shot-by-rebecca-koffman-for-oregonianWith Dignity Having The Right to Dream of Mercy