Time for Your Grown Children to Learn About Real Estate and Purchase a Home! Owning a House Outweighs Renting

Time for Your Grown Children to Learn About Real Estate and Purchase a Home!

Owning a House Outweighs Rentingblog children purchasing

For most buyers who intend to live in a home for at least three years, buyer may be a better option than renting, according to a report from online listing service Zillow. In more than three fourths of the 7500 US cities survey, buyers would break even after three years of owning a home. all possible costs associated with buying and renting are considered in the analysis, including down payment, mortgage and rental payments, transaction cost, property taxes, utilities, maintenance fees, tax deductions and opportunity costs. 

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Some metro areas where home values plummeted during the house recession homebuyers broke even after less than two years of ownership. 

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Oregon Style Resort Luxury Custom Houseboat Living

Oregon Style Resort Luxury Houseboat Living

 Be the Captain Your Own Floating Spaceship

roy frontI recently was invited to visit a architect friend/client  brilliant custom houseboat on the Columbia River.

DSC04446 I was familiar with several of his contemporary homes he has constructed over the years , but was astonished at his new project.

 DSC04452Arriving at the a gate that felt like the end of the world and seemed  to go behind the Janzen Beach shopping center leading to a bluff overlooking the slough and a massive platform of approximately 50 houseboats of all shapes and sizes.

DSC04450 Being familiar with form and shape having spent twenty years in a previous career in craft and design this riverfront experience took me back entirely to days  working with internationally acclaimed designers and extreme creativity.

DSC04463DSC04470 Roy has been crafting his spaceship waterfront sculpture abode for 8 years.

 The Haiku symmetry of his  circles on a rectangular platform was more like a floating living piece of geometric artwork  Museum .DSC04458

 One Story Living . Design Your Own Custom Home

 Roy has had a long romance with the simplicity of steel. The  raw functionality of nuts and bolts transforming a geometric symmetry into an almost a living within a robotic futuristic intelligent dwelling. 

DSC04461 Images of waves and silver pass through exquisite looking  glass windows of semi-circles, architectural triangles framed by a horizon of soft green shorelines.

DSC04453 Cold smooth ice burnished Industrial sheet metal, textured quilted wall board and metal grating reflect cool  shimmering watery shadows perfectly harmonizing the extremes of masculine and feminine . 

* Find Your Own Lot & Design Your Custom home

DSC04464 Four humongous geometric light filled  living spaces flow into each other.  The bridge  is  a  huge floating country kitchen area with massive food preparation counters and impressive builtin controls to engage the ship.  The ten forward great room living area has a great circular fireplace with an eye on an expansive  companion waterfront deck.  The upper deck sports a master suite has a builtin circular bed with hidden triangular corner builtins. Overhead are outdoor grates and ladders to scale the balcony and imagined sails towering above.

DSC04450The suite includes an accompanying cavernous multipurpose creative space.

 DSC04474Looking forward to the completion of the floating  Masterpiece and a fitting name.

* Craftsmans Waiting for Your Design Updates






Thousands of us,DSC04355 your Professional Realtors Association descended upon Salem this Thursday to defend and protect the American Dream of home ownership for Oregon families. Showing up to protect our economy and fight the elimination of our mortgage interest deductions!


We got face to face with your legislators strongly advocating to reconsider taking away our treasured Mortgage Interest deduction to pay for the Governors proposed PERS adjustments.


This valuable tool which has been helping homeowners and our economy to thrive has been in place since 1913. Realizing housing affordability for our families. We do not want to increase the tax burdens on an already stressed Oregon homeowner and reducing the opportunity for new young families to purchase a home.


DSC04342DSC04344There are 12+ bills ready to change or take the mortgage deduction away. Our property taxes are already amongst the highest in nation. Help us protect the dream and our economic recovery!

What is Your Homes Value This Spring?

There is talk that the state would like to raise revenue by either limiting or curtailing the ability to deduct Mortgage Interest from your state income tax filing. I encourage you to get your views across to your elected officials by writing them from THIS PAGE




The Celebration and Union of Perfect Sellers and New Owners

Part three


NE Portland Haven for Golfers, Boaters, Cyclists and Gardeners

NE Portland Haven for Golfers, Boaters, Cyclists and Gardeners

It’s rare , in our fast paced lives where in our local living places we know few of our neighbors and total strangers become potential friends.

Ne Portland Homes Search Haven for Craftspersons and GardenersOnly a small fraction of the local community (15) people showed up to welcome the new homeowners on Tuesday evening . And celebrating John leaving the local community. An impressive mostly organic potluck spread greeted the visitors in a mostly empty house. The new homeowners brought a couple of dozen folding chairs. We filled the great room , flowed into the kitchen and out onto the patio deck.

Ne Portland Homes Search Country in the City HavenThe relaxed feeling amongst this group reflected the care and respect that surrounds the unusually cordial relationships John has established in his stay in this Columbia East neighborhood. Learning about each others lives and values. Larry and Dina loving accepted the baton that John was passing over to them. His lovely community was becoming theirs.

Ne Portland Home Search Haven for Country in the City PropertiesSearch for homes surrounded by Golf Courses, Marina’s, Cyclists and Gardeners Haven

Ne Portland Home Search Haven for a Great CommunityWhere one or three of us like John, Larry and Dina can make a personal difference in our communities that transcends our politics , religion, person values.

Ne Portland Homes Search The Perfect Dish for the Perfect Seller and Buyers

Ne Portland Homes Search The Perfect Dish for the Perfect Seller and Buyers

Oh Joy! The Celebration and Union of Perfect Sellers and New Owners

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This summers Oregon Disney like Destination spot is found in West Linn.

Does a dream home have to be 4000+ sqft and cost a million plus dollars?

This summers Oregon Disney like Destination spot is found in West Linn.

Street of Dreams Vineyard Rivendell Manor

A Revamped yellow school buses bumps along a huge parking lot just east of the Shopping area onto Salamo toward the entrance of the new Street of Dreams ‘The Vineyard’ subdivision in West Linn

1. (7) Dream homes dot a hillside street nestled inside Cascade Summit. The Montauk , Calistoga, Oregon Dream, Da Vinci, Mystic Ridge, Rivendell Manor and 20/20 representing some disappointing conservative unimaginative redos. And a glimpse into the 21st century offering really exciting cutting edge NW Architecture. The leading edge is all about expanding the ultimate potential of the living space of a home. And some of these huge expensive 4000sqft + homes do superbly create multifunctional ways of making outdoor spaces fully livable interior spaces.

Does a dream home have to be 4000+ sqft and cost a million dollars plus ?

For the 99% still in the family or empty nester mode are evolutionary architectural and design features being made available by builders to offer safe, comfortable, sustainable, ethical lifestyles in the Pacific NW . During a huge historically social, environmental and economic time of change?

Street of Dreams Vineyard Mystic Ridge

Street of Dreams Vineyard Mystic Ridge

Search for homes and builders that incorporate your own notion of sacred spaces, form and function ,that fit your pocketbook and ethics?

That cutting edge revolves around light bright Spacious Multi Functional Spaces with natural materials and high quality sustainable features. Many of these huge million dollar Dream homes could function just as well with 30-40% less sqft age. Utilizing many of the tremendously creative features offered:





1/ Oregon Dream home symbolizes the leading edge pushes the limit of integrating huge open spaces incorporating both a luxury traditional stone outdoor patio kitchen barbeque big screen motif adding a totally unique and brilliant side yard intimate Zen quiet hot tub meditative open space courtyard from a kitchen eating area bridging into the side yard.

Street of Dreams Oregon Dream Zen GardeStreet of Dreams Oregon Dream Zen Gardenn
Street of Dreams Oregon Dream Ultimate Outdoor In Spaces

Street of Dreams Oregon Dream Ultimate Outdoor In Spaces











2/ Mystic Ridges Cliffside Mtn top spaces pushed the limits for a live in kitchen with your grown your own garden. Multi level carved granite counter with a sliding cutting board. Window and Door less openings with fully opening floor to ceiling, window to ceiling features. Unique glass panels for railings

Street of Dreams  Vineyard Outdoors Interior Spaces Galore

Street of Dreams Vineyard Outdoors Interior Spaces Galore

Street of Dreams Vineyard Mystic Ridge indoor Garden Cultivator



An elevator to make all the levels of the building functional.


Decor zed Mirrored Shower and Soak Tubs
Transforming a large walk in closet to an ultimate functional dressing space. Transforming stairs into a luxurious marble tiled entryway.

 Pewter massive bathtub
 Yard reflective flaming fire pit sculpture
 Realistic hardwood flooring with slate entrance insets
 Tongue and groove ceilings of smaller rooms like studies
 Perfectly blended rich hardwood and handmade wrought iron railings
 Extreme effective use of 100% opening doors and windows to unite outdoor and indoor space into one
 Massive chopping boards replacing massive stone counters
 Silky Smooth Custom Cement counter tops blended with stone and natural wood
 Making brilliant use of a finite backyards using the corners installing a sport court.
 Fully Inlaid Opaque Private Windowed Garage Doors
 Full Rock garden front and side yards.
 Fully recessed walking pantry w/surround counter, food preparation, built in hutches, 2nd refrigerator.
 Brilliant kitchen colors and textures with counter and cabinetry surfaces blended in gemstone, granite counters, marble, travertine, corian, natural wood and creamy glazed wrought iron cabinetry.

My picks;

The ‘Rivendell’ European Manor has a timeless quality. It is slightly smaller per sqft without the guest house. Has a fine tailored feel with both open and multifunctional space with intimate arches, coved, tiled alcoves, ornate beams. The brilliant and functional kitchen layout offers magnificent blended choice of stone, natural wood and tiles. the best textures and hues.

Street of Dreams West Linn Vineyard Rivendells Brilliant Country kitchen

Street of Dreams Vineyard Rivendells Brilliant Country kitchen

Mystic Ridge is over the top with its see through entry fireplace and wine closet, living room waterfall backdrop, flaming sculpture and kitchen cultivator for growing fresh veggies ++. However, the brilliant open floor plan works beautifully offering a perfect pallet to paint on in any price range.

Street of Dreams West Linn Vineyard indoor out waterfall

Street of Dreams West Linn Vineyard indoor out waterfall

The Oregon Dream perhaps has the most basic potential as a cutting edge floor plan with all its rustic disappointments. The outdoor in spaces and huge open yet warm spaces, sustainable features ala photovoltaic solar, reclaimed recycled elements. The brilliant use of the usually unused yard spaces. Take the 4770 sqft down to 3250 maintaining these features and you have a prototype home that meets the needs of most of us.

Street of Dreams West Linn Vineyard Oregon Dreams Outdoor In Living Spaces

Street of Dreams West Linn Vineyard Oregon Dreams Outdoor In Living Spaces

What are yours?

Search for homes and builders that incorporate your own notion of sacred spaces, form and function that fit your pocketbook and ethics?

Portland Oregons NE Beaumont A Renaissance Village

Ne Portland Beaumont Village shops and services

Ne Portland Beaumont Village shops and services

Portland Oregons NE Beaumont A Renaissance Village 








Portland is home to so many great urban villages that are magnets that hold onto  old time residents  and attract new immigrants from all over the US drawing new families into playing the roles that our mothers and fathers  filled on behalf of the community during  their lifetimes.

Beaumonts Alameda Cafes great breakfasts

Beaumonts Alameda Cafes great breakfasts

My good friend Margaret grew up in Beaumont.  Her family came from the midwest bringing good midwestern values. Her dad owned the local pharmacy on the corner of 41st and Freemont.  She shared many adoring  stories about her dad who was active in the local village  supporting the activities  of numerous Church’s on behalf of families in need and  the greater city community.  Sounds a lot like today doesn’t it with our many amazing nonprofits serving  the challenged members of Portland’s communities.




My church is nearby Beaumont often is a destination for  last minute  nourishment, health and services  before our evening worship.  Last week I was intrigued what new discoveries were to be found in the village.

Portlands Beaumont Village 1910

Portlands Beaumont Village 1910

Ne Beaumont Villages HOT Yoga place

Ne Beaumont Villages HOT Yoga placeBeaumont Villages little Italy








Beaumont Villages massage fitness health clinic

Beaumont Villages massage fitness health clinic

Beaumont Villages Home Breweries

Like the Alberta District,  Beaumont also sports it own metal sculptures established in 1910  mounted on telephones poles on each end of the main street.





Search For Your Home in NE Beaumont Wilshire Roseway

Grand Central is the newest addition  opening next week.  Old favorites disappear and new ones  re-appear from different parts of the city. I counted  three coffee roasters, 6  bars and breweries,  5  fitness and yoga places,  2 pizzeria’s, two breakfast specialists,  a  vietnamese, thai, lebanese, mexican, italian, hawaiian,  continental, vegetarian and the comforting local bagelry, a bridal shop, great childrens bookstore ,  woolery,  a huge mysterious cemetry,  a wine and beer taster and an antique discovery place.

Beaumont Village find your new Harry Potter adventure

Beaumont Village find your new Harry Potter adventure

Beaumont Villages homemade lebanese cuisine

Beaumont Villages homemade lebanese cuisine








Beaumont Villages Wine and Beer Tasting

Beaumont Villages Wine and Beer TastingSearch For Your Home in NE Beaumont Wilshire RosewayBeaumont Villages great breakfast places









Beaumont Villages couldnt be the place without hot bagels









As I list two lovely midcentury homes within walking distance to the Beaumont I will be curious who will join Margarets dad in 2012 in this diverse and ever evolving community.

Search For Your Home in NE Beaumont Wilshire Roseway


Home Sellers Oil Tank Insurance Is Your Oil Tank Leaking?

Home Sellers Oil Tank Insurance   Is Your Oil Tank Leaking?

 Is Your Oil Tank Leaking?

What's underneath your flower bed an oil  tank

What's underneath your flower bed a tank

Yesterday I had the opportunity I did my 375th inspection and  interviewed an environmental company while they were testing the soil of a tank on one of my listings.

A   steel pike was used to find edge and depth of tank.Two soil samples were  taken within 6 inches of the center of each end of the tank, at a depth range of 0″-24″ below the bottom of the tank.  This was done with  Hand Auger and a Direct Push Core Sampler.

I asked the inspector about the durability of tanks and what parts of the city had the most failures.


It is totally  dependent upon the type of tank , its placement , location and  the porosity of the soils. The West hills are mostly clay and hold water. Other locations like  Lake Oswego  and West Linn are l and rocky and porous.

This 1955 tank was installed  between  a  faucet  and gutter drain creating  additional water exposure.  The inspector guessed  this tank was  6 feet long and 500 gallon tank. Most tanks like this from between 1920 and 1950 are 10 gage metal and hold up better than the newer tanks that are harder steel and lighter gage.

Does Your Oil Tank look Like This

I had previously believed  any soil readings over 50 parts per million diesel hydrocarbons was reportable and needed  additional  decontamination.   Determining remediation appropriate proceedures  is quite complex and it is not only based on levels of hydrocarbons, but the kind of chemicals found.  Benzine and or tph total petroleum hydrocarbons  trigger  a higher concern than normal diesel oil findings.   A reportable release for DEQ is  over  50 parts per million.

 Time to find out your options moving your tank above ground? Call me for a referral to a reliable


I had always thought finding water in the tank was a bad omen.   The inspector demonstrated how they check for remaining oil and water in the tank. The tank is tilted slight at the oil deliver pipe end.  Making it easier to determine fluid levels.   He coated the end of a tape measure with a detector paste to read the  amount of water. This tank had only about 1/2 an inch of oil and 1/4 of water.

Where Is Your Oil Tank Located?

Where Is Your Oil Tank Located?


There is a theory  different types of lines used in the tanks create  a electrical conduit to draw water into the tank . Steel is preferable to copper.  Quite often conditions do allow for a tank to be  decommissioned in place.  All fluids are removed and interior is scrubbed clean. The tank is filled with inert material and covered .  A DEQ certificate is obtained  for you by your environmental company.

Don’t know if you have a tank in the ground, call me for a referral for a complimentary tank finding search.  From a local specialist;

The Generic Remedy cleanup option is a simplified Risk Based Decision process . The unique features of the Generic Remedy are:
1. No groundwater is encountered2. Soil sampling demonstrates that no more than 65 cubic yards of contaminated soil remains on the site.3. All contaminated soil is located at least 3’ below ground surface.

4. The most contaminated soil remaining on site contains less than 10,000 ppm TPH and less than 0.0083 ppm benzene

5. No PAH analysis is required

6. If the most contaminated soil samples shows petroleum concentrations below 2500ppm no BTEX analysis is required.


There are numerous factors determining whether removal of a tank is necessary.  Your environmental company will assess those factors and appraise you of the options.


We discussed  TANK INSURANCE .  Evidently standard insurance primarily covers exposure that affects a neighbors property. Not the homeowners  decommissioning  process.  Many of my clients also have paid a premium for peace of mind protection to their Oil delivery companies for years. However,  those long term payments offer little or no protection for future tank soil contamination issues.

Paint Your New Oil Tank to Match the Color of Your House

Paint Your New Oil Tank to Match the Color of Your House

 Time to take care of your existing tank? Call me for a referral to a reliable Environmental Contractor.

Discover the Soul of Portland Home to the Heroic Montavilla Village

Discover  the heart of Montavilla  Village Portland Oregon  where the humanity of all affirmed and  ideologies roundly condemned.

Far in the past 2006 or so , folks have passionately discussed what special sauce  Hobie and Pete of he Bipartisan Café  put into their Coconut Maretto Cream and 46 variety of pies.  Some shout out from the previous century that pies are the food of the heroic!haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan


Portland style heroic could be a rather grim task to describe. However,  Pete and Hobie attract heroic 20th century partisans to meet for pie and wifi.


Under 14′ Ceilings of antique pine , chained to laptops, and  iphones  students and locals  are transfixed by their deep dish  Banana Creams, pumpkin oranges, Chocolate Butterscotches, Sour Cream Apples, Peaches and Cream s and  40 other pie  varieties enjoying grandma’s ultimate health food  and  good conversation.

An eclectic mix of partisans and I bet non partisans  commune with their computers  and wireless instruments no doubt profoundly inspired  by a fantastic mix of framed portraits  Millard Filmore, James K Polk, someone who looks a lot like Chester Arthur,  or his cousin Rutherford B Hayes,  Harrison,  and the best looking of the presidents Dwight Eisenhower,  Gene McCarthy, Kennedy and Johnson, Geronimo, Hunkapapa and Chief Joseph.  A huge copy of the Declaration of Independence rests beside various proclamations and curled campaign posters covering  the massive 1912 Anspach buildings vintage walls.  




haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan



The front windows are plastered with choice posts about Climate Change, Socialist Change, New Jim Crow to Occupy events .haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan







haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan


Live music on Friday nites with no cover.7 p.m., FREE

Friday, Apr. 13

Macrae Sisters

Old Time Music

The Macrae Sisters are fiddlers Sophie Vitells and Marian Macrae Herrmann, Gabrielle Macrae on banjo, Joanna Macrae on guitar, and Jamie Herrmann on bass fiddle.

Friday, Apr. 20

James Low

Country Infected


Friday, Apr. 27haris wolfgang montavilla bipartisan music

Emily Stebbins

Fiddle Tunes


Montavilla Neighborhood Associationharis wolfgang montavilla bipartisan hero's

We, the people of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association, believe that no person should be discriminated against due to their religious, political, or historical beliefs and that all people should be treated equally without regard to race, age, sex, handicaps or national origin. Therefore, we the people of our neighborhood, wish to reaffirm the common humanity of all people. Furthermore, we condemn all ideologies whether political or social, that preach hatred against any person or persons, or attempts to limit or remove any personal freedoms including freedom of choice, freedom of expressions, or freedom of speech.

We urge every resident in the Montavilla Neighborhood to join with businesses, schools, and churches in affirming this declaration of unity.


Your Neighborhood- your home where you belong Mt Tabor

Morrison and se 69th

Your Neighborhood-your home where you belong Mt Tabor

where your heartstrings lead you home mt tabor

On the banks of a local extinct volcano  Signs of heartstrings lead to Everywhere.  Where would you choose? Your own birthplace or your very favorite place on the planet?

During the past 6 years Joe has instilled a sense of inclusion in his local community.  Seeds of humanity planted in the middle of a neighborhood garden. A Local Joe has Invited neighbors to add a unique directional sign to several prominent signposts in the middle of the community garden.

Every couple of months a new directional goes up pointing to a place or a local you feel is most like your real home.

where your heartstrings lead you home mt tabor

Locals calls this the friendliest spot in the city where everyone looks out for everyone else. Find your vintage home in Mt Tabor.

where your heartstrings lead you home mt tabor

4973 miles to the east,  Lynn most treasures Valby Denmark.

Sandra and Raymond seek to return 7110 miles to Luang Prbangloas

Glenns heart if 5143 miles to the east to the city of romance/ Paris

where your heartstrings lead to back to mt tabor


Me and Krisina  head to the island of bali  8410 miles to the west.

Jackson is probably a boater wishing to be on popular Cultas lake in the Cascades

where your heartstrings lead you back to mt tabor


Maybe Erin has a history  in the peace corps yearns to return to Nairobi kenya .

Turku finland  4972 miles maybe home to  joonathan .

Chepe  remembers huehuetenango guatemala 2980

Chris, Allen Jim and Ruth love the blue skys of  Thens ,Greece 60000

12 year old Erin  breathes for the salt sea air of victoria bc 204 mile due north.

Jo  leaves his or her  duckling heart on the field on Autzen Field 110 miles to the south.

Cape of good hope s for dave tor return 10,688 miles.

What inner light shine for Suzanne in Mulshi india   7900 miles.

What memories emerge for Olivia at Box hill England  4962 ?

Steve the mtn climber left his heart on top of  Annapurna Nepal  7520 miles.

Good on the Good  Joe of 69th and Morrison!

Find Your Vintage Home in Mt Tabor

Spicy Visioning for 16,000

After a wonderful intra-red sauna treatment Anisha Clinic on Hawthorne ,  I ventured over to an evening event at a Portland City Visioning outreach site at a school in N. Portland.  The City of Portland Vision projects objective is to create a 25 year plan. An enormous 6yr role out inviting  tens of thousands of  citizens, profits and nonprofits for input on nine areas concerning what they want for their city. The input is completed and the dilemma facing the facilitators of this marathon effort is how to bring it all together.

One essential question and modern dilemma facing  many organizations  and particularly for this city is,  how are you going to create partnership with absolutely huge swell of young people flooding  into this city? The ones who will truly going to inherit and be the lightning rods for this 25 year plan?

The cities interesting answers to this question are baby steps = the city and mayors office are inviting the youth to organize the community events.  Last nites was a marde gras style with a salsa band  and healthy food .  High school students translate the initiatives into the 40 or so languages being used in the schools systems here. And potentially they are considering adding young members to a citizens advisory commission to the planning commission that has an indirect voice to the city counselors.

After three years of these community events + partnership with a wide swath of  profit and non profit entities ,  the city has focused on four key areas;  Equity( equality of opportunity) Healthy Communities, Education and Employment and Job Opportunities.  These absolutely brilliant spotlight focus areas that hold intriguing relationships and an interesting blend  weaving an organic chemistry of common values between them  offering opportunity  reaching out to the millennial generation  in the Portland.

Most interestingly there is hope if this City who invites openness , transparency and unity can be successful engaging  the future making a huge space to incorporate the core values of this millennial generation that revolve around family, diversity and making a difference in this world.