REAL ESTATE is about Change & Life’s Process

Part Two

REAL ESTATE is about Change & Life’s Process. Our companions are Time, Patience & the Unexpected.


Haris Wolfgang NE Portland Homes Haven for Boaters and GolfersThe new year rolled quickly by and on the anniversary of our first effort and John announced we should renew the listing. He had been out of the country and was motivated to complete the process. And he told me he felt we would have an early September sale. Although I am by nature a romantic, after 24 years in my profession the pragmatist in me has emerged and whenever I hear words like ‘it was meant to be’ I cordially nod my head in agreement.

Haris Wolfgang NE Homes for Sale Haven for Cyclists and Gardeners As a Realtor I enjoy marketing homes that have unique and special qualities. This property is stellar having been painstakingly and lovingly restored board by board into a cherished three story English style cottage. It’s located in a Columbia River Wildlife Sanctuary close to all the amenities of Concordia and Alberta and 12 minutes to downtown.

Haris Wolfgang NE Portland Homes for Sale Country in the City Haven After literally thousands of direct marketing effort to tens of thousands Realtors on every internet site known to humankinds via two custom e flyers, three virtual tours, two you tube video’s, three weekly blogs touting, open houses and Realtor opens suddenly our perfect buyers found us.

Haris Wolfgang NE Portland Homes for Sale Boating ParadiseOh joy! The PERFECT PURCHASER. These potential new owners Larry and Dina saw the endless possibilities of this property. Envisioned uses even the present seller and creator couldn’t imagine. In the eye of the beholder, the qualities of this home where imagined even before the features were completed.

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Ordinarily great care must be taken to make sure both parties do not have substantial contact before all the inspections and contingencies are completed. In this case is was abundantly clear the minute those contingencies were completed the meeting was inevitable. Both parties demonstrated great integrity. And expressly wishing to make the process fair and beneficial for each other. Every element of the process has been extraordinarily cooperative and caring.

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Next Tuesday the PERFECT SELLER is organizing a little party with the neighbors for the PERFECT NEW OWNERS. And we close uncannily close to that prediction two years ago by the end of the summer.

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Lovingly Restored NE English Country in the City Retreat

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