Great Gathering Places dwelling in SE Portland Ladds Addition

On a recent rainy day strolling around the idyllic gardens and streets of vintage homes of Ladds Addition, I wandered  I was magically  drawn into Palio Espresso and Desert House.  The large multi roomed establishment had the feel of a personal refuge of many generations where you could perfectly lose yourself inside your ipad,  a great book or quiet conversation on a wingback chairs, couches or spread out seated at a vintage table beside a large window.

Located on a spoke of the inner of the five circle patterned layout  many 2nd and 3rd generation families still frequent the muted quiet golden atmosphere .  

Once the original Safeway location in Portland and another incarnation as a Gallery this 2nd generation

Gathering place  offers a wide variety of hot and cold drinks , provincial deserts, warm soups and sandwiches.

Great Gathering Places Dwelling in SE Portland Ladds Addition

Discover Ladd’s Addition Arts and Crafts and Bungalo’s 

Homes and Townhouses in Idyllic in the Alberta Arts District

It might seem like a stretch to compare Alberta Arts today to living to NE Portland lifestyles during the Leave It it to Beaver 50′s. Yet Young parents and little children wearing bike helmets and ice cream smiles seems to cover the sidewalks on recent laid back sunny winter Alberta day . 

New Seasons on 33rd a couple of block up from Alberta could almost qualify as our 2nd residence. Carts with floating gardens of kale, carrots, apples headed to parking in front of the cute small bungaloe homes. 

The brilliant metal sculpture Alberta Arts sign a vision of a fluttering flock of black metal crows settling down on the east side of the street inviting future crowds to the series of last  last thursdays and the Alberta st fair on 8.11 in 12.

Too easy to be lured into Café Vita’s vegetarian and vegan fare by the affordable prices.  The Alberta Rose Theatre once known in many different incarnations as the Alameda Theater, Macedonia Church of God and Victory Outreach Church and the 1st black owned theatre in Portland.

My favorite local nonprofit MESO is housed in the Black United Fund building offering much needed Professional microcredit capacity building for a diverse array of small fledgling local entrepreneurs.

New Ultra modern townhouse units have recently flown off the market. Traditional and Contemporary Skinnies are found on many of the side streets.


The eclectic combination of colorful restored streetcar buildings, Scattered Quansit huts office buildings, new ultra modern mixed buildings seems to invite a frenzy of funk, color and poster totem Poles.

The Siam Society seems to have a bit of magic about the old power station building. Its doesn’t ever seem to open when I am in the neighborhood.

An adorable little boy sitting on his mom’s lap lapping Salt and Straw ice cream watching Bikes streaming on the cross streets of Alberta heading home to Community Recycling. I tasted Salt and Straws spectrum of other worldly flavors, brown ale bacon, pear blue cheese and olive oil my fave.

The La Petite Provence Boulangerie Alberta hot spot is soon to open a branch in Lake Grove.

A wide mix of home styles stretch south and north of Alberta from 15th to 33rd up to Fernwood Park And Concordia College. Expect Infill to pick up this year. Inventory for New and Restored homes in the area in neighborhood is low . Affordable fixers are even more difficult to find.

Harvesting Our Urban Generosity sharing the wealth of our homes and land

This last year my wife and I became avid juicers after watching a great movie called ‘Fat Sick and nearly Dead’.  I must admit this past fall I was very much aware of so many lovely fruit trees lying wasted in backyards of Real Estate  for sale I was showing and empty Commercial Building  lots . I was able to harvest months of free delicious unused apples from a 39 acre retreat listing I have in Willamina.

I  recently discovered  in the Richmond neighborhood newsletter, a wonderful  story about  the Portland Fruit Tree project , a grass-roots non-profit organization harvesting  and teaching care of Urban fruits trees providing fresh fruit to folks who don’t always have full access to fresh alive  foods.

PFTP organizes neighborhood volunteer efforts to harvest found in The Sabin Community Orchards, neighbors with unused fruit growing in their trees in Abernathy- Hosford Abernathy, Richmond,  Buckman, Sunnyside,

Laurelhurst , Tabor  and growing network of urban neighborhoods.

Portland Urban Harvest

PTFC’s harvest and food distribution partners include the Oregon Food Bank, Sisters of the Road Café and dozen location nonprofits and churches.

There are many ways to Volunteer -  attend a harvest event, encourage  registering trees for harvest or donate.  503-284-6106