How long have you been musing about moving into less square footage, into a more manageable floor plan with lovely updated modern amenities?  Looking forward to living with all  your longed for features on one level, surrounded by tons of light and easy to care for surroundings.

Are you ready to re-size your home and simplify your life?

How do I begin?

What are the steps needed to plan a successful a re-size/lifestyle change?

The Place/Location

Where do you really want to live?

Water, mtns, desert

The Dwelling

What kind of home living environment and investment works best for you now. Who are your Seniors Real Estate Specialist Partners   The Valuable resources you need to help you negotiate through this process?

Where do I begin? 

Create a Timeline – 6 months to a Couple of Years

Move backward from the time you walk into the front door your new Abode/Home.

  • It could take up to 180 days to complete the transaction of selling your home.
  •  Find a SRES professional to help you start preparing and dressing your home for sale.
  • Hold a couple of spring summer garage sales, start packing & giving away to family and charities.
  • Finding our place. Start visiting the neighborhoods, the places you have long been considering. .
  •  Find a professional SRES counselor to function as a sounding board to help you visualize the kind of living spaces that suit you best and the places you may want to live at this time of your life?
  • Honestly Plan your Long Term finances
  • Work with your financial planner and an able mortgage broker to create a realistic financial plan to  create your capacity to make changes to resize your home and a simplify your life.



Hiking Lake Oswego Twelve Neighborhoods on Foot

 The Lake Oswego Loop (7 miles)  A circular route around and about Oswego Lake
Hiking Lake Oswego Twelve Neighborhoods on Foot

Having been a long distance walker for years I had to someday complete our local  (7) mile  Oswego Lake Loop.  I chose the only sunny Saturday in March 2011 starting near the top of Cook Butte.

Walking through 11 of the 22 LO Neighborhood Associations I began half way up  Palisades  through a really diverse swath of the Hallinan,  Old Town,  Lakewood, Foothills, Evergreen, 1st Addition,  Northshore, Summit,  Lake Grove, Bryant, and Blue Heron neighborhoods.

I walk on average 5.5 k an hour so the 11.6 k walk would take a mere 2 hours.  Walking is always the best way to get a feel of the land and its history. I was accompanied along the way by various landmarks

Traffic blitzing by as I traversed down the Hallinan / McVey hills to Oswego’s original water feature at the Lake Corp and the intersection of Sucker Creek. A large mill stood in 1860 where the intriguing dam with metal plate walls and an old wooden tubing stands and a surprisingly beautiful and gentle series of waterfalls. The commerce from that mill was turned into Clipper freight ships docked down below George Rogers.

Turning the northeast corner of the loop onto State Street and George Rodgers park and Old Town  people were streaming by walking,  biking into the downtown core at  Richard Sundleafs  1920′  Commercial masterpiece and the new Sundeleaf Plaza.  It is reminiscent of the ancient square in north Mexico Arts mecca San Miguel with its  manicured hedge rows  minus the mariachi bands.  I took a shortcut past the  fountains and plaza sculptures lakeside up the new impressive pathway winding up beside the massive stone wall  ( like of so many ancient pathways winding up to old European hilltop towns in France and Spain) up into Millenium Plaza.  The perfect spot to discover an old friend and sample Honores Boulangerie pastries with some hot chocolate.  My 5.5 pace was suddenly altered.

After a lovely croissant and conversation I headed through the Lake Oswego Evergreen district toward to check out any changes to my favorite Lake Oswego Buddhist sanctuary at the back corner of The Catholic Church and Evergreen.  Back up ‘A’ street imagining  smoldering fires creating coal on the north side of A st and huge steel carts  barreling downhill on  A st  full of iron ore headed to the riverside foundry.  I was tempted to pop into the Historical Society Building, but whisked  down into Forest Hills past the lovely Vintage Homes cutting across the flanks of Iron Mtn through the deep primal Doug Firs with Village on the Lake to my left on toward the Hunt Club.  A sign warning of deer kept my eyes peeled for brown four legged bodies standing still deep into the forest.  The winter forest permitted a view almost all the way to the top of the crest of Iron Mtn where the  narrow gage railroad used to run.

The best blackberry patches in LO reside on the right side or Iron Mtn just before you reach the Iconic Domed Hunt Club structure.  I swung through the Campbell Gardens park across the train tracks onto Lakeview. Below to the left is Springbrook creek corridor that opens up to a once upon a time Native American village at the edge of the Lake.

I was curious if any of the Lakeside masterpieces had pending signs.  Lake Grove swim Easement was empty of the summer throngs and at the corner of Lakeview and Southshore I Rounded the southwest corner of the loop and the final sprint up past the four canals, past Blue Heron easement and completing the 7 mile loop in 3.5 hours.

Where are Those Affordable Lake Oswego View Homes?


Living in Community Simplify Your Life in a One Level Home

Living in Community Simplify Your Life in a One Level Home

Are you searching for and curious about  ONE LEVEL HOMES/ Great Spaces – New,  Updated or Under Construction in The Portland Oregon Region


Rare custom single level by popular builder pick your colors and finishes. Vaulted,  hand scraped flooring   1 block to bus walk bike to New Seasons or  Lake Grove Village  1475 sqft    

Open great room design, gourmet kitchen master suite, outdoor living space flat level lot walk to river and West Linn shopping . 2750 sqft

One level custom masterpiece with Oswego lake views. Private lovely  neighborhood. Ready fall 2012  2330 sqft

Better than new. One of kind Forest Hills one level with great room styling and high end finishes. 2600 sqft

Explore these One Level Properties and be in the loop with new ONE LEVEL HOMES being planning in our Urban and Suburban Villages throughout the city.


Living in Community Simplify Your Life in a One Level Home

Cooking Up Portlandia in Lake Oswego Oregon

Cooking Up Portlandia in Lake Oswego Oregon

Capturing early portraits through ‘Cooking Up Memories’ of the characters and pre Portlandia culture in Oswego.

Five Pacific Northwest Oregonian generations contributed ancestral recipes sharing through their communities, friends and family traditions. Simple elegant loving recipes using the same local ingredients we still treasure.

Custard timbales using orange sugared local Oregon Filberts . Hops grown near the current Bryant School at the turn of the century contributed to popular Root Beer Recipes using hops, burdock, yellow dock, sarsaparilla and dandelions. Current Lake Oswego Homes for Sale

Black Fig Wine, Dandelion Wine, Grapefruit Wine. Perfect Pumpkin Pie, Party Bread Pudding, Bourbon Steak Elk Stew, Crab and Mushroom Sandwiches. Mediterranean Bouillabaisse brought by families from the south of France using our local Pacific fresh fish and produce. Polish Holiday Fruit Bread, German Thiele Pancakes and gastronomical specialty Schmorkraut (purple cabbage) . Czech Ukrainian desert treats of Lemon Fluff jello using pet milk, lemon jello and fruit juices with graham cracker crusts . And Fruit filled kolache rolls . . Norwegian Spritz Cookie treats. Swedish Leon Cheese Cake Pies.

But with the World Wars brought rationing of all kinds of fresh foods and Community Victory gardens prevailed with 20 million gardens enabling supplies to shipped to our troops overseas.

Chip Steak was promoted during the depression years as quck and easy meal. Beef Tongue was popular and an economical dish until it was discovered in later years as a delicacy. Horse meat markets thrived during the ww11 War Rationing.

Rationing included days with a mix of daily meals that were Wheatless, Meatless and Porkless. Proud Victory bread or pasta’s using corn meal , starch and flowers, Hominy, Barley, Rice, Oatmeal, Buckwheat ,Potato flours. Wheat less days used no bread, crackers , pastry. Meatless, No Pork, sheep or beef products..

‘Mock’ foods began in those days imitating recipes without sugar and spices. Mock apple pie using spiced crackers, mock oysters which were running out at the turn of the century + of course mock turtle soup.

Helen Paulings a chemist developed a low protein, low sodium diet cure for her hubby Linus . A meticulous alternative diet using local fresh organic ingredients that worked to cure his chronic nephritis living to age 93. Whats Available in Lake Oswego Today

Check out the brilliant ‘Cooking Up Oswego Memories’ from the Oswego Heritage Council.

Cooking Up Portlandia in Lake Oswego Oregon

Brilliant Once Upon a Time Custom Homes on Oswego’s Uplands Ridge with Views of Forever

The backyard view was a million dollar setting looking out across Oswego Lake and sunrise on Mt Hood. I had forgotten one afternoon a few years ago I was headed up to one of my listings on Glen Eagles and was stopped by an oddly dressed fellow dressed in chaps and a cowboy hat at the Corner of Crest and Wembley Park rd. He turned out to be a friendly hired security guard from LA turning way people who were sneeking in to watch Harrison Ford and Brenda Fraser in ‘Extraordinary Measures’ being shot in a multimillion dollar home on the Uplands Ridge. Lake and MountainView Homes in Lake Oswego

Today there are three new custom homes coming out of the ground in the Oswego Uplands above Iron Mountain. Two capturing variations of that spectacular view overlooking the once boisterous narrow gauge railroad that ran below the Crest of Iron Mountain down across where the Country Club Golf Course is into First Addition and down to the Foundries on the Willamette at George Rodgers Park.. 2200 Crest, is Three Story Custom home, a fusion of Tudor and Traditional styling designed and constructed by a great local grown developer West coast homes solutions , Eugene Labunsky. It will be 3600 sqft with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

2200 Prestwick is just above the home depicted in ‘Desperate Measures’ and has an even better view. Designed by Leon Miller Price and constructed by Cowan construction llc Mike Cowan another local home Oregon grown builder. This home will be a Craftsman style featuring Pre-finished wood shingles, Classic Stone Masonry with an enormous Wood beamed great room overlooking the Lake and Mtns. It will be 5300 sqft with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.


1780 Ridgecrest rests 14th green overlooking Mt Hood and the Oswego Country Golf Club . This pristine 13,000 lot faces south overlooking the wooded slopes of Iron Mtn Park with Oswego Lake shimmering down below. This home is still being conceived and constructed by local Lake Oswego builder Stoneridge Custom Development . Many of John Tercek’s brilliant Custom Homes have become landmark locations and floor plans featuring the very best of Northwest Architecture and design. Lake and Mountain View Home in Lake Oswego Oregon

Perfection for Empty Nesters Downsizing into One Levels and Aging in Place Homes.

It has been a long while since our market was deemed a Sellers market. Recently l had the pleasure to facilitate a speedy an lovely transaction of a Custom One Level Home near the West Linn Central Village. And I confirmed  one niche that is definitely in huge demand ‘ custom homes on one level’.

This Aging in Place model is a home designed for all of life’s stages grounded in health and wellness.  Targeting active adults cherishing their health and vitality featuring a custom Universal Design accommodating aging in place.

The features that made this property are an appealing  Architectural Prairie Modern Design with  Leeds Gold amenities. Its location close to a Suburban Village uniquely surrounded by (10) acres of extraordinary pristine forest and river privacy by Burnside Park and Maddox Woods.

The   Modern Elegance and compelling aspects of the functional design are  its spaceship sized Great Room Living Space illuminated by through high galleries of clerestory windows.  Perfect for entertaining and quiet meditative moments beside the Ultra modern gas fireplace.  A huge 15’ wall was designed especially for large art pieces.  Magnificent Custom 8’ doors lead to two private patios’ surrounded by absolutely magnificent  preservation forest, river areas and nurturing Bioswale landscaping.New and Remodeled One Level Homes in the Portland Area

Since we had quite a number of requests to write backup offer I made contacts with a several  brilliant  local builders  I have worked with that have an interest in building Custom Aging in Place one level + homes.  Several of these builders already own lots that may accommodate a one level + footprint. I also

Have deep roots in the city discovering building sites.

If you and yours are planning to downsize and have an interest in exploring creating a custom retirement home that incorporates many of your own special features , please contact me for more information and useful resources.  Wolfgang RE/MAX Equity Group cell/text 503-969-6262


Great Possibilities for the Human Experiment

Once upon a time,  I shared a great fondness with millions of North Americans toward an ideal village community in a remote region of Alaska made up of quirky loveable  independent souls.  This town Of Cicely is exposed to the glorious Riviera of Alaska and is a very  long days drive from my home. 

During the depths of the dog days of summer a friend and I were feeling a profound sense of disconnect and loss in our community.  We hoped to fill that emptiness by visiting and reaching out to Cicely and her  friends .

Late afternoon, we rolled  onto  the  downtown business district.  One street, one hypnotic blinking red light , a  bar in a corner of a BRICK building that looks like an old bank, a raggedy  ann grocery store,  a radio station with a big bear sculpture outside, an old fashion storefront  doctors office and a collection of 40’s storefronts accessed by a rickety wooden boardwalk.

Finding a parking place in between rows of antique auto’s and hells angels bikes we headed directly to the Brick where our old friends from Northern Exposure would hang out. Looking good so far, expecting to sit at the bar and order a humongous Hollings hamburger.   Instead we walked into a pizza palace.  Not the Brick or anything like it.  Shock set in immediately exposing  our quirky community as a rude myth. We stumbled  out of there and headed down the street  ending up in front of the K- Bear radio station. Sure enough behind the reflections of the plate glass window was Chris’s empty dj chair where he offered his star struck discourses . Maurices Astronaut suit  looming standing up behind him .  We wandered down opposite end of the street past the  grocery store which is still an active store just  without Ruth Ann and Ed.  The legend finally shattered across the street at an eerily vacant Dr. Fleishmans office  with its still peeling wallpaper and no patients.   By then we were totally bummed out  from our long trip and our foolhardiness. Expecting to grasp something we so loved in Cicely/ Roselyn, Wa.

Looming in front of us was a two story camel mural. Not a moose.   It is the side the Roselyn café which we entered to soothe our grief and fatigue. We sat at  a bright red checkered clothed table. We were  promptly served by a vivacious petite waitress with a matching red checkered apron.   Johanna smiled  at us and immediately asked what happened?  We shared our grief and basically said Cicely and Northern Exposure was a total myth.   Wait a second as she scurried out to the back of the restaurant.

A minute later she came back to our table and silently handed us a stack of black and white photographs.  Open mouthed we saw the beautiful face of Ed Chigliack in different poses, a troop of belly dancer and the faces of a myriad of portraits of people smiling quirky looking people .  Johanna  see this town took myself and my son in when I had nowhere to go in Minnesota.  They gave me a job and place in the community.  I joined the belly dancing community of which Roselyn is the center to the belly dancing world on the West Coast.  Darren/Ed is my boyfriend and he has supported me and encouraged me to pursue my photography.

Johanna’s  energy certainly quickly turned us around and rekindled our faith and hope in the sacred gifts that true living communities offer.  We spent the rest of the day walking the neighborhood chatting with all the friendly residents learning many of the stories in the TV series were adapted from the community.

We breathed in a feeling of great relief and gratitude on that autumn day there are great possibilities for this human experiment we are intricately a part of.

From the Pilot to the last episode at Tranquility Base – Thanks to Joshua Brand and John Farley and Our friends-  Adam Arkin , Darren Burrows (ed), John Corbett, Barry Corbin, John Cullum,Anthony Edwards, Cynthia Geary, Grant Goodeve, Graham Greene, Elaine Miles, Rob Morrow, Peg Phillips, Teri Polo, Janine Turner






Lost Cures for a Humanity on a Slippery Slope?

    After a week of nurturing our spirits at the feet of South Sister, Broken To p and Mt .Bachelor in the high Oregon Cascades we took a break to clean up, get online  and find some healthy food in the big city. 

    Taking turns getting online and showering we looked up the ten best eating spots in Bend. The the list I found has since mysterious ly disappeared . I was attracted to the healthiest sounding one. My wife poo pooed  the likely  vegan fair and we chose an Asian which was  extraordinarily better than our gourmet camp food.  Several days later on our way back through Bend  I convinced my wife to have lunch at the vegan sounding place, The Common Table.  It was one of the highlights of our entire trip.

    The moment  we walked into the Common Table it was clear this was not your usual healthy food place.  The light , the  energy was  almost golden.   The unique  décor is a mix of a bookstore, a grill, a lounge, and an English fish and chips house. But there was also something else very different that permeated the place.   We sat ourselves a t a burlwood table  and wanted to order everything on the menu  finally choosing  something like  Grilled Eggplant on a  tower of portobello  and Seafood Pasta Baked with a citrus Salmon and mango salsa . After choosing  the perfect  not your usual vacation type books like the ‘Dragons of Eden’ to delve into while waiting for our food,  I couldn’t help myself finally asking the counter person what was this restaurant really about.  Of course, it was then I noticed  various  artistic wall arrangements and statements about what and who Common Table is.

    Common Table exists to feed all people, cherish the Earth, and pursue awareness.

    1) We feed all people through non-profit Common Table, using profits to provide subsidized meals at our Common Table, as well as supporting hunger initiatives and sustainable farming practices around the world.

    2) We cherish the Earth and one another by heeding the advice of Kentucky farmer and poet Wendell Berry, “To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”

    3) We pursue awareness by recognizing and respecting all people; recognizing the appropriate human relationship with the Earth; recognizing the health of our physical, intellectual, and spiritual selves.

    So it was the humanity of this place , the  people that glowed and provided its substance.  Many of the employees are volunteers. Volunteering time, food, service, good cheer giving back to the community..  Many are also gratefully paid employees .

    At my feet was a sign I missed .. Everyone who walks in the door will be served. Whether they

    Have the resources or not are served with an open armed welcome ,  acceptance, respect and wholesome food.


    A community creates a safe space for its members  each holding  a space of dignity and respect.

    Common Tables holds this space without a hierarchy by the volunteers who are nourished by serving

    each other.

    “We endeavor to serve extraordinary food regardless of ability to pay”.

    One Table. One People. Be Fed.

    “We are an experimental volunteer-driven non-profit café”.

    The impact of the Common Tables Community culture  provides  me with a  powerful inspiration and provocative answer to turning around the increasingly insane and negative world we live in.

    Nurturing  no less  than the wild beauty of our snow clad mtns and clear flowing rivers -

    The goodness in our world is found within you and me.

    All the doom and gloom that devours us  driven by our media,  politics and economics  can never negate the values  that arise from the Goodness that is within in each of us.   This is  a potent hope for our humanity and for our world. You can’t buy it , it’s free. It’s  by choice and by intention.

Want to SERVE a few world bowls of food at the Common Table?



Spicy Visioning for 16,000

After a wonderful intra-red sauna treatment Anisha Clinic on Hawthorne ,  I ventured over to an evening event at a Portland City Visioning outreach site at a school in N. Portland.  The City of Portland Vision projects objective is to create a 25 year plan. An enormous 6yr role out inviting  tens of thousands of  citizens, profits and nonprofits for input on nine areas concerning what they want for their city. The input is completed and the dilemma facing the facilitators of this marathon effort is how to bring it all together.

One essential question and modern dilemma facing  many organizations  and particularly for this city is,  how are you going to create partnership with absolutely huge swell of young people flooding  into this city? The ones who will truly going to inherit and be the lightning rods for this 25 year plan?

The cities interesting answers to this question are baby steps = the city and mayors office are inviting the youth to organize the community events.  Last nites was a marde gras style with a salsa band  and healthy food .  High school students translate the initiatives into the 40 or so languages being used in the schools systems here. And potentially they are considering adding young members to a citizens advisory commission to the planning commission that has an indirect voice to the city counselors.

After three years of these community events + partnership with a wide swath of  profit and non profit entities ,  the city has focused on four key areas;  Equity( equality of opportunity) Healthy Communities, Education and Employment and Job Opportunities.  These absolutely brilliant spotlight focus areas that hold intriguing relationships and an interesting blend  weaving an organic chemistry of common values between them  offering opportunity  reaching out to the millennial generation  in the Portland.

Most interestingly there is hope if this City who invites openness , transparency and unity can be successful engaging  the future making a huge space to incorporate the core values of this millennial generation that revolve around family, diversity and making a difference in this world.

Portlands Urban & Suburban Villages- healthy personal and community spaces to invite the Sacred into

 Many of us have become fans of vintage homes. Their classic craftsman features  a symbol of home , hearth and belonging.  Artistic rhythm across gabled, steeply pitched roofs and rough textures of brick, stucco and clapboard. Dressed in decorative fascia and winged porches. Hiding secrets in their  alcoves, intimate nooks and crannies. Often the spaces within our classic homes offer limited openness and good light. 

My current mid-century home offers  warm interior lodge style spaces with thick massive cedar beams supporting vaulted wooden ceilings. Illuminated by floor to ceiling windows.  The 50’s moved us a giant step forward toward offering more functional livable interior spaces.   

Today’s newer architectural home styles often fuse a mix of  popular vintage exterior elements with contemporary multifunctional interior living spaces. Combining kitchens, eating areas, dining,  living  family rooms into open great room spaces. Our architects and builders have brilliantly extended these great rooms out into outdoor covered living spaces with dining and lounging areas warmed by gas fireplaces and outdoor heaters, soothed by water features, and the full compliment of technological comforts. Interior living spaces further extended into the life and beauty of the vista’s surrounding our dwellings.   

Each year my spiritual family meets in a sacred retreat in the Columbia River Gorge called Menucha -“ever-changing, renewing stillness .   The historic main lodge constructed in the  20’s embodies a superb example of a functional great/great room concept reminiscent of  Mt Hoods Timberline or  Ahwahnee at Yosemite.

Menucha captures an ambiance felt only in special dwellings. Upon entering the great hall one is embraced by a truly sacred feeling in the massive community space. Ballroom sized it offers a feeling of great intimacy and function with carved creatures staring from far overhead. A Massive wooden balcony balustrades frames a hall dominated by a grey cathedral sized walk in stone fireplace.  The 100’ veranda has been enclosed uniting the warm soothing interior spaces with the beauty of greenery, ancient trees and the inspiring vistas of the Columbia Gorge.     

 Classic or Modern, the dwellings we inhabit are like our personal roots , spaces filled with our adopted traditions and values that shape and flavor our lives.