Time for Your Grown Children to Learn About Real Estate and Purchase a Home! Owning a House Outweighs Renting

Time for Your Grown Children to Learn About Real Estate and Purchase a Home!

Owning a House Outweighs Rentingblog children purchasing

For most buyers who intend to live in a home for at least three years, buyer may be a better option than renting, according to a report from online listing service Zillow. In more than three fourths of the 7500 US cities survey, buyers would break even after three years of owning a home. all possible costs associated with buying and renting are considered in the analysis, including down payment, mortgage and rental payments, transaction cost, property taxes, utilities, maintenance fees, tax deductions and opportunity costs. 

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Some metro areas where home values plummeted during the house recession homebuyers broke even after less than two years of ownership. 

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Oregon Style Resort Luxury Custom Houseboat Living

Oregon Style Resort Luxury Houseboat Living

 Be the Captain Your Own Floating Spaceship

roy frontI recently was invited to visit a architect friend/client  brilliant custom houseboat on the Columbia River.

DSC04446 I was familiar with several of his contemporary homes he has constructed over the years , but was astonished at his new project.

 DSC04452Arriving at the a gate that felt like the end of the world and seemed  to go behind the Janzen Beach shopping center leading to a bluff overlooking the slough and a massive platform of approximately 50 houseboats of all shapes and sizes.

DSC04450 Being familiar with form and shape having spent twenty years in a previous career in craft and design this riverfront experience took me back entirely to days  working with internationally acclaimed designers and extreme creativity.

DSC04463DSC04470 Roy has been crafting his spaceship waterfront sculpture abode for 8 years.

 The Haiku symmetry of his  circles on a rectangular platform was more like a floating living piece of geometric artwork  Museum .DSC04458

 One Story Living . Design Your Own Custom Home

 Roy has had a long romance with the simplicity of steel. The  raw functionality of nuts and bolts transforming a geometric symmetry into an almost a living within a robotic futuristic intelligent dwelling. 

DSC04461 Images of waves and silver pass through exquisite looking  glass windows of semi-circles, architectural triangles framed by a horizon of soft green shorelines.

DSC04453 Cold smooth ice burnished Industrial sheet metal, textured quilted wall board and metal grating reflect cool  shimmering watery shadows perfectly harmonizing the extremes of masculine and feminine . 

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DSC04464 Four humongous geometric light filled  living spaces flow into each other.  The bridge  is  a  huge floating country kitchen area with massive food preparation counters and impressive builtin controls to engage the ship.  The ten forward great room living area has a great circular fireplace with an eye on an expansive  companion waterfront deck.  The upper deck sports a master suite has a builtin circular bed with hidden triangular corner builtins. Overhead are outdoor grates and ladders to scale the balcony and imagined sails towering above.

DSC04450The suite includes an accompanying cavernous multipurpose creative space.

 DSC04474Looking forward to the completion of the floating  Masterpiece and a fitting name.

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