Hiking Lake Oswego Twelve Neighborhoods on Foot

 The Lake Oswego Loop (7 miles)  A circular route around and about Oswego Lake
Hiking Lake Oswego Twelve Neighborhoods on Foot

Having been a long distance walker for years I had to someday complete our local  (7) mile  Oswego Lake Loop.  I chose the only sunny Saturday in March 2011 starting near the top of Cook Butte.

Walking through 11 of the 22 LO Neighborhood Associations I began half way up  Palisades  through a really diverse swath of the Hallinan,  Old Town,  Lakewood, Foothills, Evergreen, 1st Addition,  Northshore, Summit,  Lake Grove, Bryant, and Blue Heron neighborhoods.

I walk on average 5.5 k an hour so the 11.6 k walk would take a mere 2 hours.  Walking is always the best way to get a feel of the land and its history. I was accompanied along the way by various landmarks

Traffic blitzing by as I traversed down the Hallinan / McVey hills to Oswego’s original water feature at the Lake Corp and the intersection of Sucker Creek. A large mill stood in 1860 where the intriguing dam with metal plate walls and an old wooden tubing stands and a surprisingly beautiful and gentle series of waterfalls. The commerce from that mill was turned into Clipper freight ships docked down below George Rogers.

Turning the northeast corner of the loop onto State Street and George Rodgers park and Old Town  people were streaming by walking,  biking into the downtown core at  Richard Sundleafs  1920′  Commercial masterpiece and the new Sundeleaf Plaza.  It is reminiscent of the ancient square in north Mexico Arts mecca San Miguel with its  manicured hedge rows  minus the mariachi bands.  I took a shortcut past the  fountains and plaza sculptures lakeside up the new impressive pathway winding up beside the massive stone wall  ( like of so many ancient pathways winding up to old European hilltop towns in France and Spain) up into Millenium Plaza.  The perfect spot to discover an old friend and sample Honores Boulangerie pastries with some hot chocolate.  My 5.5 pace was suddenly altered.

After a lovely croissant and conversation I headed through the Lake Oswego Evergreen district toward to check out any changes to my favorite Lake Oswego Buddhist sanctuary at the back corner of The Catholic Church and Evergreen.  Back up ‘A’ street imagining  smoldering fires creating coal on the north side of A st and huge steel carts  barreling downhill on  A st  full of iron ore headed to the riverside foundry.  I was tempted to pop into the Historical Society Building, but whisked  down into Forest Hills past the lovely Vintage Homes cutting across the flanks of Iron Mtn through the deep primal Doug Firs with Village on the Lake to my left on toward the Hunt Club.  A sign warning of deer kept my eyes peeled for brown four legged bodies standing still deep into the forest.  The winter forest permitted a view almost all the way to the top of the crest of Iron Mtn where the  narrow gage railroad used to run.

The best blackberry patches in LO reside on the right side or Iron Mtn just before you reach the Iconic Domed Hunt Club structure.  I swung through the Campbell Gardens park across the train tracks onto Lakeview. Below to the left is Springbrook creek corridor that opens up to a once upon a time Native American village at the edge of the Lake.

I was curious if any of the Lakeside masterpieces had pending signs.  Lake Grove swim Easement was empty of the summer throngs and at the corner of Lakeview and Southshore I Rounded the southwest corner of the loop and the final sprint up past the four canals, past Blue Heron easement and completing the 7 mile loop in 3.5 hours.

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Living in Community Simplify Your Life in a One Level Home

Living in Community Simplify Your Life in a One Level Home

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Living in Community Simplify Your Life in a One Level Home

Cooking Up Portlandia in Lake Oswego Oregon

Cooking Up Portlandia in Lake Oswego Oregon

Capturing early portraits through ‘Cooking Up Memories’ of the characters and pre Portlandia culture in Oswego.

Five Pacific Northwest Oregonian generations contributed ancestral recipes sharing through their communities, friends and family traditions. Simple elegant loving recipes using the same local ingredients we still treasure.

Custard timbales using orange sugared local Oregon Filberts . Hops grown near the current Bryant School at the turn of the century contributed to popular Root Beer Recipes using hops, burdock, yellow dock, sarsaparilla and dandelions. Current Lake Oswego Homes for Sale

Black Fig Wine, Dandelion Wine, Grapefruit Wine. Perfect Pumpkin Pie, Party Bread Pudding, Bourbon Steak Elk Stew, Crab and Mushroom Sandwiches. Mediterranean Bouillabaisse brought by families from the south of France using our local Pacific fresh fish and produce. Polish Holiday Fruit Bread, German Thiele Pancakes and gastronomical specialty Schmorkraut (purple cabbage) . Czech Ukrainian desert treats of Lemon Fluff jello using pet milk, lemon jello and fruit juices with graham cracker crusts . And Fruit filled kolache rolls . . Norwegian Spritz Cookie treats. Swedish Leon Cheese Cake Pies.

But with the World Wars brought rationing of all kinds of fresh foods and Community Victory gardens prevailed with 20 million gardens enabling supplies to shipped to our troops overseas.

Chip Steak was promoted during the depression years as quck and easy meal. Beef Tongue was popular and an economical dish until it was discovered in later years as a delicacy. Horse meat markets thrived during the ww11 War Rationing.

Rationing included days with a mix of daily meals that were Wheatless, Meatless and Porkless. Proud Victory bread or pasta’s using corn meal , starch and flowers, Hominy, Barley, Rice, Oatmeal, Buckwheat ,Potato flours. Wheat less days used no bread, crackers , pastry. Meatless, No Pork, sheep or beef products..

‘Mock’ foods began in those days imitating recipes without sugar and spices. Mock apple pie using spiced crackers, mock oysters which were running out at the turn of the century + of course mock turtle soup.

Helen Paulings a chemist developed a low protein, low sodium diet cure for her hubby Linus . A meticulous alternative diet using local fresh organic ingredients that worked to cure his chronic nephritis living to age 93. Whats Available in Lake Oswego Today

Check out the brilliant ‘Cooking Up Oswego Memories’ from the Oswego Heritage Council.

Cooking Up Portlandia in Lake Oswego Oregon